Pastor Jennifer

Hi, I’m Jennifer. I am the Pastor of Community Development for Harmony Springs Church. I work to build a bridge between Harmony Springs and the community we are part of. I recently received a Masters of Divinity and am ordained a Minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). 


I strive to connect the church with the community through participation in community-sponsored activities and finding ways the church can reach out and help others in the community who need assistance. 


I enjoy a good debate and hold a number of opinions I’m not afraid to share. I bring my experience in the corporate and religious worlds to the table with the hope of helping humankind realize we are more alike than different, and we’re all in this thing called life together.


Hi, I’m Liz. I’ve grown up in church and have been a Christian longer than I can remember.  Being part of a church community, teaching Sunday school, and working with toddlers helped lay the path towards a career in education.  I have been an educator for approximately 20 years and currently direct an educational nonprofit which focuses on kindergarten readiness.  I hold master’s degrees in Educational Administration, Technology and Curriculum and Instruction.  


I’ve been married to Jesse, the producer of Harmony Springs Gives Voice, for 16 years.  We have two daughters and a menagerie of pets.  My mother, Pat, also resides with us.  Together we enjoy traveling, festivals, and family board game night.  

Pastor Joel

Hi, I'm Pastor Joel! I am Lead Pastor of the eclectic progressive-modern community, Harmony Springs Church, that sponsors Harmony Springs Gives Voice. I'm excited to be one of the voices exploring how church can be more inclusive and diverse in modern society. 


I'm passionate about exploring how we can do church to make sure we're living in the way of Jesus in the most effective way possible. 


I've been the Pastor of Harmony Springs for 7 1/2 years, married for 15, a foster parent for 10 years caring for over 25+ kids, and because we have a BIG family have more experience than most driving a 12 passenger van. I love to travel, take our pop-up camper out for a weekend trip, meet friends at a local craft brewery and listen to NPR while commuting.


I hope my experience as a Pastor, foster parent, community organizer and craft beer aficionado adds to the conversation in Harmony Springs Gives Voice. 

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Hello, I’m Greg. For more than a decade, I’ve hosted Inappropriate Conversations – a podcast that uses an audio-blog format to bring together “not for dinner” topics like politics, religion, sexuality, and other aspects of popular culture that tend to be segregated. Too often, political and/or religious ideologies stop open dialog. Inappropriate Conversations podcast is about speaking freely and breaking down barriers that keep people separated.


I am also a devout Christian who regularly challenges both my faith and the church, believing that neither will grow otherwise. Solutions to our problems, both social and spiritual, must come from an open exchange of ideas without entrenched ideologies. This openness led me to move from lifelong membership within a large mainstream denomination to Harmony Springs Church. I have documented that journey on a spinoff podcast called Walk The Earth, which shares the same RSS feed as Inappropriate Conversations.


Walk The Earth is about asking questions, at first issues specifically raised by conducting a wide-open search for a new church home. My hope for Harmony Springs Gives Voice is that input from a variety of other voices will do more to answer even bigger questions. How we “do church” in these times is a start, but the topics will take us far beyond an individual voice or focus.


My interests are, perhaps, too varied to be covered in a short bio. I’ve studied journalism, political science, religion, and film criticism. So far, my phone has always reserved room for more than 20k songs from pretty much every genre of music. Outside of newspapers, I am an unpublished author with a focus on non-fiction, surrealism, and free-form poetry. Other interests include a wide variety of sports, artisan spirits including both craft breweries and distilleries, and forgotten television. The latter includes leading a Facebook group that is generating an index of old television programs and movies worth remembering. 

If I have a personal mission statement, it might be this:

To share the truth and power of faith, family, fidelity, and friendship, through example, service, speech, and writing.



My name is Jesse. I’m a hard-working creative professional. I have a bachelors of science in Interdisciplinary Studies. I specialize in both illustration and graphic design for print.


Most of the work I do is for board games and card games, but I’m always open to just about any sort of project.


I am the audio guru for Harmony Springs Gives Voice. I edit and produce the raw recording behind the scenes. You won’t generally hear my voice, but I am lurking in the background – not in a weird way, totally normal. 😊


You can reach me at